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We want you to enjoy the whole tour, therefore we are sending you some information before the tour starts.

Meeting point: Mlakar's Guest house - Markovec 15A, 1386 Stari trg pri Ložu, Slovenia at 13.00.

After arrival, guides will provide you all detailed information about bear photography trip and rules of behaviour at the bear hide.

Departures to bear hides are every day between 2.00 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. The guide will inform you about exact time of departure. Locations with bear hides are remote between 5 km and 25 km from guest house and it takes between 5 – 35 minutes to reach them.

Equipment needed:

- We recommend lenses starting from 70-200mm up to 400 mm. Photography distance may
vary between roughly 10 to 50 meters.
- Gimbal or bean-bag (tripod or monopod can not be used in bear hide)
- Hiking boots
- Waterproof clothes or umbrella

Please note:

- All of our hides are located in forest and are demanding medium ability to walk uphill (100 –
700 meters). If you have disability to walk please let us know 7 days before the tour stars.
- On all paths in forest, there is a chance of ticks which can be carriers of diseases tick-borne. Therefore we advise precaution and using tick-spray or
- In stormy or hot weather, bear trip can be delayed or canceled.
- Regarding Covid-19, you will follow guide's vehicle with your own vehicle to bear-hide locations.
- Roads are suitable appropriate for all vehicles.

If you have any problems with reaching guest house, please call guides:
Miha 0038641582081
Lenart 0038631474090

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