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Bear Watching in Slovenia

The brown bear (Ursus arctos in Latin) is today’s biggest European animal under the protection of many international conventions and the European territory is populated by approximately 50,000 bears of which about a thousand in Slovenia. Bears in the territory of Slovenia have been constantly and quickly growing. If you decide to experience the bear

Who’s afraid of the big brown bear?

Although the safest way of observing this stunning creature in its natural environment is by going bear watching, let us disclose a few facts about the brown bear and some useful tips if you do happen to be so (un)lucky to actually stumble upon one in the Slovenian woods. Watch out, a human!    Given

Most popular world bear species

There are a lot of bear species and many subspecies that live all over the world. Fossil and historical records prove that at one time there may have been hundreds of bear species worldwide, on all continents except Antarctica and Australia. The brown bear, for instance, has as many as 90 subspecies. We’ve made a

Slovenian wild animals

If you happen to visit Slovenia and you are interested in wildlife, this subalpine country has a lot to offer. Due to its diverse landscape and low population density, Slovenia is home to many wild animal species. Even though the country is a paradise habitat for more than 24,000 animal species, we selected only some

Bear watching around Europe

From brown bears to grizzlies and polar bears, almost all continents are populated with this majestic large wild animal. They live in forests, mountains or arctic white deserts. If you admire these omnivorous mammals and would like to observe them in their natural habitat, don’t go to the wild by yourself and put yourself in