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Bear Watching Slovenia

Meet the Slovenian wild brown bear in its natural habitat accompanied by a local wildlife expert, watching safely through the wide windows of a wooden lookout.
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Bear watching season
From 15MAY to 15SEP 2024

Observe the wild brown bear from a safe wooden lookout.

Your best chance to spot Slovenian bears in the wild

Take your once in a lifetime wildlife photos.

Learn about the bear’s natural habitat and daily life.

Contribute to the preservation of local wildlife.

Bears in Slovenia

There are plenty of bears in Slovenia

Bear watching observatory

One of the bear-watching observatories

Brown bear in Slovenia

Watch these mighty animals in their natural habitat

Bear cub in Slovenia

You might even see a bear cub!

Bear watching lookout

The wooden lookouts mask the smell of humans

Bear lookout in the Slovenian forest

Located in the middle of Slovenian forests

Slovenia bear spotting

A bear might look your way too!

Bear watching in Slovenia


Walk to the bear observatory

Accompanied by a wildlife expert.

Brown Bear Slovenia

Brown Bear

Mama bear

The mama bear

Bear family

Bear family

Fox in Slovenian forest

Fox in Slovenian forest

Fox in Slovenia

Did someone sneeze?

Bear resting

When the season is over

Included in price

Introduction to brown bears and their natural habitat

Observe Slovenian wild brown bear in his environment

Experience bear watching from a safe lookout

Hosted by a wildlife expert

Experience the thrill of bear-watching in the pristine natural forests of Slovenia. Follow a wildlife expert deep into the forest, where you will meet Slovenia’s native brown bear through the wide windows of a safe wooden lookout – perfect for this unforgettable experience! In the wild, bears will very rarely approach humans. If they smell you, they will quickly go in the other direction – and you will never see them. That is why our lookout is smell-isolated, allowing bears to come into close viewing range. In addition to the mighty bear, you may often be able to see wild foxes, martens, deer, and badgers. Wolves were present twice during the bear-watching this season.

As you learn all about these magnificent creatures and the woods in which they live, you will also be contributing to a good cause, as some of your fees go directly toward the preservation of local wildlife.

In recent years we had a very high likelihood of seeing a Slovenian wild bear.

In our hides, we can welcome 4 to 6 guests with our guide.



Expert Local Guides

Our professional guides know the local terrain and are trained to make this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity both safe and enjoyable.

Highest Probability to See a Bear

We give you the highest chance in Slovenia to spot a bear — 96% in recent years!

Trusted by Many

We are a financially protected company operating since 2014, and with thousands of satisfied customers in the past, we still put you first.

100% Made in Slovenia

Based in Slovenia, we are working closely with local suppliers to provide you with a unique experience at the best possible price.
Meet Slovenia’s wild brown bear
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