Bear Watching Slovenia

Bear Watching Slovenia

Meet Slovenia’s wild brown bear.


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Slovenia’s wild brown bear

  • observe the wild brown bear from a safe lookout
  • best chance to spot bears in Slovenia in wild
  • take your once in a lifetime wildlife photos from a lookout
  • learn about the bear’s natural habitat and life
  • contribute to the preservation of local wildlife



Experience the thrill of bear watching in the pristine natural forests of Slovenia. Follow a wildlife expert deep into the forest, where you will meet Slovenia’s native brown bear through the wide windows of a safe wooden lookout!

In the wild, bears will very rarely approach humans. If they smell you, they will quickly go in the other direction – and you will never see them. That is why our lookout is smell-isolated, allowing bears to come into close viewing range. In addition to the mighty bear, you may often be able to see wild foxes, martens, deer, wolves, badgers, skunks and more.

As you learn all about these magnificent creatures and the woods in which they live, you will also be contributing to a good cause, as some of your fee goes directly towards the preservation of local wildlife.

In 2021 we had 96% likelihood of seeing Slovenian wild bear. In case that bear does not apear on the day of your experience we offer 50% discount if you rebook this experience.



The Offer

  • Introduction to brown bears and their habitat
  • Observe Slovenian wild brown bear in his environment
  • Experience the bear viewing from a safe lookout
  • Hosted by wildlife expert

129€ / person*

*Available only from May to October

  • Start time: 5:30 pm
  • Duration: up to 3 hours


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Join us on Bear Watching adventure near Kočevje.

Only 65 km (40 miles) away from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

Approx 1 hour of driving.





Q: When can I go Bear Watching?
A: Bears hibernate during winter, so our Bear Watching expeditions into the wilderness are organized from May to October.

Q: Is Bear Watching safe?
A: Extremely safe. The only danger that exists is falling madly in love with the forest and animals that live there. A side-effect of Bear Watching can also be the strong desire to do it again.

Q: Does Bear Watching disturb the wild animals?
A: Absolutely not. Bear Watching takes place in a specially designed, smell-isolated outpost. The animals will never know you were there.


Facts to bear in mind

  • The European brown bear can grow up to 260 cm in length and reach 400 kg in weight.
  • Their average lifespan is around 35 years.
  • In winter, brown bears hibernate. During this 3-month period, their blood temperature drops by 6˚C and they lose 30-50 % of their body mass.
  • Contrary to common belief, bears are predominantly vegetarian, feeding mainly on forest fruits, roots, greenery and fungi. The brown bear only occasionally snacks on meat like rodents or carcasses of dead animals.
  • Females carry their young for 6-7 months. They give birth to 2-3 blind and deaf cubs who only gain their hearing after 2 weeks and sight after 4-5 weeks. The cubs suckle milk for 4 months and stay by their mother’s side for 2 whole years.

Bear watching adventure you will never forget!

Join us for an unforgettable Bear Watching experience in Slovenia!